The way we are building our homes, our neighbourhoods, our cities and inhabiting the land is wrong. Through careless, greedy and patriarchal approaches to property development, we’ve been dominating the Earth vs. honouring the Earth

The nature spirits are urging me to speak on their behalf. 

Gaia, our Mother and Earth Spirit, is going through an incredible birthing process right now. She sees this as a great opportunity for us to completely transform the way we relate to the land. But, she needs our support and she needs us to listen. 

Gaia wants to be actively involved in the building of our new world! 

What could this look like?  


Imagine a beautiful world flowing with abundance, rich with sweet nectars and fruits, where birds are singing, where children are laughing and playing outside in nature amongst buildings that breathe like plants and gardens filled with nourishing food and fountains of paradise! 

What would our homes, communities, cities look like if they were transformed into healing sanctuaries in partnership with Gaia? 

This circle of wise experts will help us answer these questions...

Meet the Circle of Earth Energy Experts

They've devoted their lives to working in partnership with Nature and will reveal the keys to building healing sanctuaries for our future

Valentina Cereda_circle

March 14, 10am EST

Valentina Cereda

Integrative Architect, Founder of Energy and Space

Valentina Cereda has worked as an Architect for the past 15 years, and designed and delivered spaces for some of the biggest names in corporate, hospitality, and residential developments. Valentina describes herself as an Integrative Architect, as she integrates her architectural skills with diverse specializations such as Building Biology and Electromagnetic radiations, Classical Feng Shui, Dowsing, and Land Energy sciences, to align physical environments with the frequencies of Nature. Using nature as the guiding compass, she unlocks the natural frequencies that transform physical environments, enhancing the optimal health and well-being of her clients.

Alosha Lynoff_circle

March 15, 10am EST

Alosha Lynoff

Bio-Architect and Designer, Founder of Bioveda

Alosha is a natural builder designer and inventor. Since 2007, Alosha has been developing a living habitat that merges nature with curvilinear interactive play into one cohesive living Bio Shelter Organism that protects and nourishes the people living within whilst being able to withstand the extreme cold weather without conventional heating. It uses minimal inputs whilst UPcycling and reusing all of its waste water. This habitat is a fully autonomous home that is buriable and thus can handle the harshest and most erratic weather patterns as well as strong wind and snow loads. It has been Alosha’s  life-long mission and dream to inspire others in functional hands-on building techniques that creatively infuse the laws of physics, biology, bio-geometry, biomimicry, soil regeneration and permaculture.

Sandy Humby_circle

March 16 , 10am EST

Sandy Humby

Energy & Space Alchemist, Founder of Rose Alchemy 

In her Space Alchemy Consultations, Sandy works with clients and their homes and business premises to clear imbalances and the residue stories of the past. To activate a high frequency heart centered energy field which opens up a new, clear and abundant future potential for life, love and prosperity as we walk together and vision a new way of being and expression on the Earth. Sandy lives and works in New Forest in Hampshire, Uk with her 2 children and grandchildren closeby.  She is a natural intuitive and empath with an enduring passion and curiosity for the Sacred, Alchemical and Mystical in Life.

Kata Trom_circle

March 17 , 10am EST

Kata Trom

Creator of Mind-Space-Method, Soulful Home Design

Kata's work includes soul-centered interior designing, called Mind-Space-Method, and the creation of individual neck-pieces that seem to have a life of their own. Mind-Space-Method was created in 2010, integrating all of Kata's experiences that led her to form her own approach to life and home design: using a combination of different cultural and spiritual traditions, but recognizing the value in constant change toward the future. She helps people to find the right place of things in their lives.

Rachael Grochowski_circle

March 18, 10am EST

Rachael H. Grochowski

Architect + Designer, Founder + Principal at RHG Architecture & Design.

Rachael H. Grochowski is an award-winning architect and designer and a seeker of truth in all things – especially in herself. Since she founded her Montclair, NJ-based firm, RHG Architecture +Design in 2003, Rachael’s personal and professional mission has been to help people create spaces that are authentically theirs. For Rachael, design is a journey and a collaboration; she guides others towards environments that make them feel grounded in their histories and inspired to grow into their futures. In 2019, Rachael was named one of the Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs in NJ.

Karen Crowley & Dominique Susani_circle

March 19, 10am EST

Dominique Susani & Karen Crowley Susani

Authors and Energetic Geometry Experts

Dominique and Karen are authors of Secrets of Sacred Geometry; Solar Geometry for Health and Life, Ad Quadratum; the Geometry of the Square of Nebbiu Cathedral, Earth Alchemy; Aligning your Home with Nature’s Energies, and new book: Sacred Santa Fe; The Hidden Geometry of Churches. They offer a variety of fascinating classes both online and in-person, Certification Training, and Energetic Tours in France. They share a combined experience of over 50 years of investigating, building, and teaching how sacred sites were built and how to create sacred harmonious structures today. Both Karen and Dominique are passionate about sharing their knowledge to make the world a better place to live.

Abhay Mohan Wadhwa_circle

March 20, 10am EST

Abhay Mohan Wadhwa

Eclectic Seeker of Light, CEO of AWA Lighting Designers

Abhay sees lighting beyond its conventional purpose. He crafts a story using lighting design and technology to create moments of experience, which factor into the psyche and emotions of those who work, live, or visit the spaces designed by AWA. Based in Hudson Yards, NY, AWA works extensively with the world’s leading architecture and design firms in the fields of commercial and mixed-use developments, urban planning, transportation, infrastructure, hospitality, and healthcare.

Abhay is pushing the technical paradigms with the development of groundbreaking lighting fixtures that draw from other fields, such as theater, optical engineering, and lamp technology, and offers a multi-layered approach to directing light as a medium. His projects aim to respect local cultural contexts, retain a global sense of purpose with integrity, and push the design envelope. Together, Abhay’s inventiveness and his design acumen have won competitions, bringing in numerous high-profile projects for AWA. 

Amanda Gates_circle

March 21, 10am EST

Amanda Gates

Interior Designer, Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner Founder of Gates Interior Design

Amanda is a professionally trained Interior Designer, Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner, Podcaster, Author, and award-winning blogger. She has seamlessly married interior design and Feng Shui for over 20 years to help clients achieve spaces that feel as beautiful as they look. Amanda’s style is described as fresh, comfortable, and relaxed and is well known for classic design with a modern, colorful twist. She is one of Nashville Home and Garden Magazine’s top designers to watch.

  • The Living Locus

    “Thank you Aisha…for sharing such beautiful souls with the World – it is needed. The one thing I came away with is to continue sharing the wisdom and knowledge you and others expose us to. Every one of us needs to step up and share our own wisdom and knowledge with our community in order to stem fear and depression, and instead, bring joy and laughter int our own little circle of a sanctuary…
    In love and joy.”

    San Francisco, CA, USA

  • The Living Locus

    “Dear Aisha!
    Thank-you for your effort and dedication in creating the Sacred Blueprint. It is inspiring to follow your work and passion for the new world! It has been lovely seeing you and encounter your enthusiasm every day for over a week. ”


  • The Living Locus

    “Thank you so much Aisha…for hosting such an amazing, nourishing and noble series with such honourable guests. Your beautiful smile and presence was a joy I looked forward to each day. ”


  • The Living Locus

    “Thank you Aisha Rose Melodie!
    I have so enjoyed this program series and of course your lovely encouraging and wise presence in my living room. It has been so nice to get your messages repeatedly every day! Once again thank you so much! ”


  • The Living Locus

    “Thank you so much Aisha, for doing these interviews!

    This series has inspired me to try to work more with the natural beings of the land in constellation work – tree beings, stone beings and devas. I am sure it will work! Very warm greetings from a grateful me.”

    The Hague, Holland

  • The Living Locus

    “Dear Aisha, I would like to thank you very much for having organized and giving us the opportunity to get these wonderful insights in the work of all these wonderful speakers. Thank you very much again for the gift you gave us and hopefully we all will meet again in a follow-up session. ”

    Uster, Switzerland

  • The Living Locus

    “Dear Aisha Rose,

    Thank you so much for this great opportunity to “meet” these amazing personalities! In these very special times, where the light and the dark are so intense requesting our consciousness (!) it was such a gift to get all these impulses.

    Your closing ceremony – WOW! – touched me deeply – thank you so much. ”

    Basel, Switzerland

  • The Living Locus

    “Dear Aisha,

    I want to thank you from the deepest of my heart that you brought together so many inspiring, great speakers in your interview series, giving glimpses of insights into their deep wisdom.

    You chose so wisely and I am happy to have found this exceptional interview series.

    Thank you so much for your efforts to set it up! You have done an “awesome job” 😊!”

    Munich, Germany

Meet Me, Your Host...


Hi, I'm Aisha Rose Melodie Hassan

I am the creator of The Sacred Blueprint™ - a cutting-edge vessel of courses and programs for property owners and designers to birth their dream sanctuaries through a new modality that bridges spirituality & architecture.

I lead Mentorship Programs for Designers, Architects, Landscape Architects, Geomancers on Mastering Co-Creative Property Design as well as Private Design Guidance for visionaries and creators to transform their property into a place that supports their soul's purpose while partnering with the Spirit of the Land.

My work is multi-disciplinary, intuitive and of the future, bridging my knowledge and expertise in Organic Architecture, Esoteric Wisdom, Geomancy, Alchemical Healing (Certified Practitioner), Anthroposophy and Art.

I am a Licensed Architect in Turkey (TMMOB/ C.A.T. Mim.) with over 19 years of design and construction experience in Canada, Germany, Turkey and Switzerland on a wide range of projects including large and small scale residential, urban design, mixed-use, cultural, educational and institutional buildings. And, joyfully taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Economics, School of Architecture in Turkey for several years.

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Geometric Models is honored to be sponsoring this series and gives a big thank you to Aisha Rose Melodie Hassan for both inviting brilliant speakers to this conference and imparting invaluable knowledge to others. Since geometry is omnipresent in mother nature (from the spirals of the galaxies, to pine cones, sun flowers, honeycombs to the structure of subatomic particles and molecules) Geometric Models has been devoting its efforts to improving the understanding of geometry through its unique tools that enhance perception and visualization of this occurrence. 

Join us to start building your new earth sanctuary with Gaia!